What’s Being Done

We congratulate Dr. Brian Robinson of Sick Kids Hospital as the 2011 recipient of the Norman Saunders Award. Dr. Robinson has been involved in the selection process for the Norm Saunders Award since the inception of the lectureships in the year 2000. Fittingly, the selection committee has now designated Dr. Robinson as this year’s recipient.

Dr. Robinson’s life work has involved deciphering the role of the mitochondria the power plants of the cell — in health and disease. There are over 200 neurodegenerative diseases where mitochondria are compromised in function, making diagnosis particularly difficult. While much remains unknown about mitochondrial diseases, Dr. Robinson’s work has assisted in diagnosing certain mitochondrial diseases at early stages, allowing their effects to be mitigated.

When Dr. Robinson was informed of his designation as the recipient of the Award for 2011, he expressed his heartfelt feelings for Dr. Saunders who was the paediatrician to Dr. Robinson’s grandchildren. In accepting the Award, he said, “I am imbued with the feeling that I am honouring the memory of a friend, a colleague and a distinguished paediatrician.”

Grand Rounds at Sick Kids Hospital where Dr. Robinson will speak and a dinner in Dr. Robinson’s honour were held on November 23rd, 2011.