Saying Goodbye

One day in 2001, a knock on our door. A stranger stands in front of me and she tells me that she’s the co-founder of a small charity created around her beloved son Jacob. She might have drawn breath before saying they need an Executive Director but I’m not sure. She’s heard that’s what I do, so would I do it? I froze but eventually, after what seemed like forever, I said I would need to know more about the charity, need to meet her co-founder husband, need to learn about what was involved and shared that I was newly retired and loving the life so it would take a lot of consideration. Like so many who have met Ellen, it wasn’t long afterwards that I met, I learned, I considered and here we are almost 18 years later. A lot of work, yes, but throughout it has always been a most rewarding place to be. With Jeff, Ellen and a team of incredible volunteers, I’ve shared moments filled with extreme happiness and also a time filled with extreme sadness. So much has been accomplished by the amazing couple I met so many years ago. I am proud to have been part of this organization, part of this incredible team.

My final note – know that if Ellen shows up at your door, things are going to happen.

Nora Glass
Executive Director