Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

Trossman-webAt 10 years old, Jacob Trossman is becoming quite the comedian. Thanks to his specially adapted iPod that is connected to a switch he pushes with his cheek, one of his favourite activities is telling jokes. He still loves chasing his favorite cat, Spot, around the house in his wheelchair and playing catch with a basketball.

Several months ago, a group of film students at Ryerson University created a documentary about Jacob and his swimming ability. With the help of a special neck ring, Jacob can now swim over 200 meters on his own. The movie can be found on our blog at :

Stem Cells Inc. has completed a successful Phase 1 study where stem cells were
successfully transplanted in four patients with PMD. They are currently designing the next phase of the study.

Thank you for your continued support and keep checking Jacob’s blog at