Good things come in Small Packages

Our smallest supporters come up with some amazing ways to raise funds such as the sale of lemonade, cookies, handmade creations at sidewalk storefronts and donations to Jacob’s Ladder in honour of their party guests rather than provide loot bags. This year one such industrious group is the Glickman brothers – Sonny (7), Dylan (5) and Joel (3). These boys are very fortunate to spend part of their summers with Jacob up at the cottage. The Glickman family keeps a charity jar in their kitchen and when family and friends arrive for dinner, the boys ask if anyone wants to make a donation – it seems to be hard to say no to the Glickman threesome! In September a bag of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters arrived in the office. With painstaking counting it seems that the boys raised almost $200! Congratulations boys!