Without One Word Spoken


Ellen Schwartz’s new book, Without One Word Spoken, 18 Life Lessons from Jacob.

Written for those facing their own personal struggles, the lessons shared in Ellen’s book, explore the ripple effects of an extremely precious life- one that might have been tragic, but instead, is filled with hope, joy, and merit. This how-to format will help others facing life’s greatest challenges, whatever they might be.

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Selected Reviews of Without One Word Spoken:

This is a remarkable book, tender and at the same time tough.
Christie Blatchford, courts columnist for The National Post and Postmedia

Without One Word Spoken isn’t just the compelling story of a child’s miraculous life. It’s also a mother’s how-to of survival and joy.
Craig Offman, The Globe and Mail Newspaper

What can a child who can’t walk, talk, move or see teach us about life? As it turns out, everything. Supremely uplifting, at times heart – breaking, these 18 everyday lessons carefully crafted from years of caring for a child with a debilitating illness will change your life.
Catherine Phillips, Toronto Star

This is a page turning book that makes you want to complete it and then read it again and again. I took so many notes because I just wanted to be sure I remembered all the sage advice.
-Carolyn Everson, mom of twin girls, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

WOW readers are in for a heart-to-heart story told by the ever inspiring Ellen Schwartz who will take you on a journey of love, laughter and tears with life lessons that will resonate with everyone. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Jacob for being you – – a different kind of perfect!
Susan Minuk, Freelance Writer and Journalist