Take the Jake Challenge


Against all odds, Jacob is able to live life to the fullest. For 16 miraculous years, he has followed these 3 simple rules:

  1. He appreciates everything and everyone.
  2. He lives in the moment.
  3. He’s so positive.

Here’s how the bracelet works:

  1. Roll the shiny bead towards your heart every time you find yourself following Jake’s rules.
  2. If you slip, turn the bead away from your heart.

Seem simple? Give it a try and take the challenge! I know when I follow Jake’s lead my day is a whole lot brighter.

Love, Ellen (JACOB’S MOM)

Jacob’s Ladder is a charitable organization which financially assists the following efforts:

  • Research to discover and develop therapy and diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Genetic screening in Canada for parents and parents-to-be
  • Facilitate educating medical personnel and the public about rare genetic diseases
  • The Jacob’s Ladder Therapeutic Pool