Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications and Design, takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) include: Catalyst for Change, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Strategist , Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer. Lisa has been involved with Jacob’s ladder since its inception – first providing her services in design and creativity to the organization and ultimately rolling all of this into her current role as co-chair of Jake’s Gigantic Give.

According to Ellen: Lisa and I have known each other since our twenties when life was all about the next ski or the next tasty brownie. For years we lived on the same street as married women as we were starting our families. We met in Starbucks and she offered to help with Jacob’s Ladder in any way that she could. Lisa didn’t know what she was in for. Since that Latte, she has been creating all of our artwork and designing all of our print as well as an integral force in all of our Jacob’s Ladder Events. Lisa’s creativity and wisdom have been key in the success of Jacob’s Ladder.

According to Lisa:

1. How did you come to be involved with Jacob’s Ladder?
I have known Ellen for decades (in fact, we were nearly related :), and when I learned about her and Jeff starting Jacob’s Ladder, I lived down the street from them, and offered my help – personally and professionally. One day in 2000, she called and asked for a little help…the rest is history.

2. What does your affiliation with Jacob’s Ladder and (Jake’s Gigantic Give specifically) bring to you?
I never really think of it as an affiliation to Jacob’s Ladder, it’s an affiliation to Jake and his absolutely incredible family, immediate and extended…and they inspire me constantly and consistently to care more, give more, smile more, live in the moment and try to be a great friend…and a good mom!

3. What does giving mean to you?
Giving to me means giving whatever gift you have and you can give unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. I learned this lesson from my grandfather, who not only explained this to me on numerous occasions, but lead by example.

4. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Having my husband and my kids with me on a tropical island, eating off an incredible organic farm. With a chef. (and masseuse and some good, dark, raw chocolate)

5. Which living person do you most admire?
A challenge to pick just one, but, my husband not only puts up with me everyday, but supports me and loves me unconditionally. That’s pretty admirable…and often remarkable!

6. Who are your heroes in real life?
Easy. My kids.

7. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Being a mom. I hope that will always be my answer to this question.

8. What is your dream job (other than the one that you have now)?
Philanthropist with a trust fund. I would still do what I do now, I would just give my services away to those I believe in, and would fund projects that matter and support people that are trying to change the world for the better or need and want assistance.

9. What is the natural talent you would like to be gifted with?