Jakes Jam

This year Jacob will be turning 18! Miracles do happen, he couldn’t have reached this milestone without the love, strength, and support from our community. This is cause for one big celebration!

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Jacob’s disease has robbed him of the ability to move, eat, speak and see. – BUT he LOVES music. It speaks right to his soul! As soon as he hears three strums on a guitar his eyes widen, his mouth opens and immediately transforms into a smile. We look at his eyes and can see the life inside of him dancing to the magic and power of music.

We are planning a unique concert on Wednesday, April 29th at the Panasonic Theatre. Jacob expects nothing and is always surprised by the kindness that surrounds him. This concert will allow all of us to feel that same magic. 18 songs! 18 lessons! 18 years! With Fabricland as our presenting sponsor, please join us in supporting this milestone event.

Together with you, our family, friends and community we have made such an impact.
We are so proud of the successes of Jacob’s Ladder. As a direct result of initiatives taken and funds raised, anyone living in Ontario, Montreal or Vancouver can now be screened for Canavan disease and seven other genetic disorders at no cost or hassle. This is a huge step in eradicating these devastating and fatal diseases through prevention.

We have collaborated with the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute to create a program that provides funding for Innovative Research for new researchers and doctors to make their mark in the study of neurodegenerative illnesses.
Jacob’s Ladder also presents grants to International Doctors who have made huge strides in the area of Genetics and supports a lectureship series whereby these doctors come to Toronto from around the world to share their findings with pediatricians during Grand Rounds at HSC. Some of these doctors have come from Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard College, Oxford and John Hopkins University. They have made ground breaking discoveries in diseases such as Autism, Rett’s Syndrome, epilepsy and Gaucher’s Disease. Each year Jacob’s Ladder climbs higher and higher and we hope to get closer and closer to finding cures for these devastating and fatal illnesses.

We’ve also funded the Jacob’s Ladder Therapeutic Pool at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre in the Lebovic Jewish Community Centre in Vaughan, so that thousands can benefit from the healing powers of water therapy.

As Jacob grows older, we have learned that programming is extremely scarce for young adults with severe disabilities. Parents are forced to stop working to become full time caregivers and many of these young adults don’t have the stimulation and opportunities that they once had as children. A new focus is amongst us.

To celebrate 18 miraculous years and help fund future day programming for young adults with severe disabilities we are hoping this concert can create opportunities for so many who face this extremely difficult transition.
With warmth and admiration please join us in making this event our best one yet,

Jeff, Ellen, Bev, Ben and Jacob Schwartz

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