One Day at a Time with Jacob Schwartz

Jacob’s resiliency, strength and contagious spirit inspire us every single day.  It is impossible to know him and not feel his positive energy.  The fact is that he is always smiling, raises spirits and brings constant perspective to all he meets.  Unfortunately, his disease continues to progress but it hasn’t taken away his incredible love of life.  He continues to follow his three rules in life – to appreciate everything and everyone, to live in the moment and to be positive.   This past summer Jacob spent eight glorious weeks up in the country.  Three days a week he was visited by two very special young ladies, Elysha and Jacqueline.  They took him for walks, chilled out lying beside him on his outdoor bed, listened to music, read stories and went swimming together.  They presented Jakey with this note on their last day with him….

We just wanted to write you a short note to express to you how lucky we feel to have been able to spend such an amazing summer together. You might not realize, but you are such a special person.  There is proof in this because you effortlessly brought out the best in us.  We did our best to make sure you were always happy and well looked after because we thought that’s what you needed. In the end it was us that needed you. You taught us that it’s the simple things in life that truly make you happy.  The past couple of months have gone by so fast, not only because of the crazy laughing and singing, but because you became our best friend.  Love Elysha and Jacqueline.”

Elysha and Jacqueline, we couldn’t agree with you more.  Jacob, thank you for inspiring us each and every day.

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