According to Ellen:Odette from the Spin Master team has been a friend for years. When we firstcame up with the idea of a giving Gala, Odette jumped on board. She puts everything into her generosity. With Odette comes passion, compassion and a contagious energy. Her whole team is there to donate skids and skids of toys, set up a Spin Master Kids Zone and play with all of our young attendees.

According to Odette:

1. How did you come to be involved with Jacob’s ladder? To be honest I don’t even remember it was so long ago. We were approached by Ellen and her family and I knew from the moment I met them I wanted to be involved and contribute where we could. We knew we could help develop the vision of Ellen and Jacob.

2. What does your affiliation with Jacob’s Ladder and (Jake’s Gigantic Give) bring to you? To Spin Master employees it means a day of giving. Getting outside of the office and seeing the toys we are in the business of creating bring smiles to so many children touches everyone’s hearts. The staff looks forward to the event each year.

3. What does giving mean to you? Giving means contributing and enhancing someone or something else and in return one receives a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment

4. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Making others happy

5. Which living person do you most admire? Any person with a disability or a challenge that they manage to overcome each and every day.

6. Who are your heroes in real life? Those that overcome physical challenges

7. What is the natural talent you would like to be gifted with? Spirituality