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Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah

In May 2010, Jacob became a Bar Mitzvah! The Village Shul opened up to a spiritual ceremony of love, infinite opportunities and true miracles. Rabbi Hoch spoke about Jacob and Jacob’s life in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. As the choir sang, Jacob sang along. He knew that this wasn’t any ordinary day. Back […]

Defying the odds, his life inspires all

NANCY J. WHITE – Toronto Star LIVING REPORTER Child with Canavan disease is at heart of program to help schoolchildren learn empathy. At 2 months old, Jacob Schwartz’s head still flopped and his eyes didn’t track. After weeks of tests, the doctor finally gave his parents the diagnosis. All strung together were the worst words […]

ebay and Jacob’s Ladder

This year the eBay Foundation has chosen Jacob’s Ladder as one of its recipients in its Champion a Charity program. Champion a Charity was created to recognize and support charities that have special meaning to eBay employees. Any qualified non-profit organization that employees are aware of, involved in or simply feel passionate about can be […]

The Kauffman Award

For the first time, Young Entrepreneurs of Canada’s Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation presented three awards for community service. We are thrilled to announce that Jeff Schwartz, founding member of Jacob’s Ladder, was chosen as an example of giving back to the community through his work at Jacob’s Ladder. The awards are given to community service […]

Happy Holidays

Cinram International and its employees chose Jacob’s Ladder as the recipient for its Holiday donation program. The employees were extremely generous and Cinram International matched their total donations for a combined gift of over $11,000.